San Fran

Man… San Fran, I’m truly grateful to have experienced you. Not everyday do I wake up and say “fuck it, this is what I’m doing!” So finding the time to get away literally a week before my birthday and spring break was a little uncalled for but surprisingly worth it. My anxiety barely lets me have a moment, so having a itinerary on vacation is a must… but to be clear this was no vacation! lol this is strictly a get-away.

A let your hair down, kick your feet up and “go with the flow” weekend.

It’s truly hard for me to let someone else lead, and I follow. For me to feel like I have no say or control over what I’m doing with my time makes me irritable… & if I ask questions, lawd give me the answer! To think about my time away from home being in someone elses hands? I cringe. To trust someone say “I got you” may be one of the most difficult things I can do. Which is why I’m always prepared for plan B, if shit goes left… I go right. CTFU. No, but for real my anxiety isn’t built for surprises just yet.

During my stay in San Fran I was able to visit Barbary Coast dispensary. Super chill spot, top notch for sure. Soon as I walked in I was greeted and taken care of. They have a dope menu from vapes, to flower and edibles. They also have a vape bar, I had no idea what this was til I got to the bar. You will literally sit at the bar and pay for vape hits. Crazy af! lol Never heard of it, so I was not trying that. If you know me, you know I tried flower. I’d be lien if I said I was new to this, I guess I can say I dibble and dabble. So they have this cute sitting area where they sit you and provide you with essentials like roll up papers, a lighter, and a ash tray. Picture me, in San Fran sitting in something that looks like a coffee shop rolling up paper planes with no fucks giving. Smoking and scrolling through memes.

My true form of enjoyment.

I literally relaxed thee entire weekend, I probably checked my emails twice. So work wasn’t on my mind, my son was good with his Dad and with nothing to do, I found myself twiddling my thumbs and trying to keep my mind from overthinking. My expectations on a trip are always thrilling, for instance I thought I would climb to the top of the Golden Gate bridge… instead I had a view of the Oakland Bridge from a 50th floor window. It was just as breath taking & grasping that view was enough to say I was blessed to be there. Did I mention food on site? Yes. Food on site, made to order lol For the most part your girl was taken care of.

As promised.

Never the less my quick trip was certainly one of a kind. It’s always hard for me to adjust in new environments and around new people. If there was an exit near by, I’d make a run for it. Instead I stayed around, observed and absorbed. Lived. And every day I asked god to keep me sane through out my trip and trust whatever wave I was riding. Not everyone will challenge you to surf & when someone says they got you, have faith even if it’s just a little.  

til next time…

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