Whew, I just knew I wanted to sit still all
month of May! I mean shit, it’s day 21 and I’m still not fully restored from April. With Spring break vacation, Easter break from school, and My birthday, Here I begin May-hem dragging my feet and trying to look alive. I haven’t been able to sit down yet!

Being a single Mom can be hard af, that’s evident. It truly takes a lot of coffee to work 8 hour days and still come home to cook meals then wash dishes, help with homework, do laundry and take 5 days to fold it, taking my son to football practice then having to clean the tub because now you have a sweaty 8 year old leaving a ring in it! My point is the list can go on for our kids, next thing you know you’re waking up at 4am on the couch with all your clothes still on from the day before. Days like this I literally say to myself, what the fuck bro?

Listen, your girl is tired. No one wants to do all this shit everyday for real, but I have to. If not everything would be out of order. Currently, my son is ignoring his chores while watching Youtube on his iPad and my 5 year old english bulldog is somewhere in the house snoring! I look how I feel … a hot ass mess! All while I’m also on Google trying to find the best eye creme for dark circles. Making this Mom shit look easy one day at a time.

Im finally 30 and this shit kicking me in the ass, on the low. No way I’m the only one feeling like this. We are so busy putting our kids and all their needs before ours, that we put ours last. I’m no longer losing sleep because Im trying to finish our loads of laundry, I’m now losing sleep because I know there is so much I want to do. It’s truly up to me to make time for myself. I think of it this way. My son is 8! He is not a baby, he is a big boy now. I can finally have a little less anxiety of overthinking my son needs me to hold his hand every time he is crossing the street! He knows how to look both ways now! It’s now time to make time. For everything I want to do, for whatever my body needs, for my spirit, for my soul, for me.

So with all the May-hem going on, just breath. Stop overthinking so much, start making time for You! When ever that time is, take it and run! What you do with that time is up to you. But make it solely about you and no one else. The ones that love you and miss you will come find you in due time.


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