About Me

Hey, Im Jennie

I live off coffee, pizza, Homegoods, CNN & reality tv. Sometimes might even scroll through social media for the funniest memes and videos.  Clarity and sarcasm is my preferred form of communication. I say “you’re annoying” or laugh when I’m uncomfortable.  Honestly, I probably don’t think you are annoying at all. I’ve been on this motherhood journey for 8 years. I have a handsome son, full of personality and macho. He considers me the best Mom ever & I believe him. I self proclaim that I am a Milf. My son has no clue I describe myself as such. To me it means Self love, Confident, Ambitious, Fearless and Bad AF all while being a Mom first.  I truly enjoy finding humor to every situation.  I learned being a single Mom requires sacrifice and lots of ice cream.

For the new Moms who have no idea what’s in store for them, Im here for you.  For the Moms driving home after work with a bottle of wine strapped to their passenger seat, please share. For the Moms who overcame many adversities and still gleaming.

I am writing for you, about you & about us.

I hope when you are reading my blog you will be reminded of your strength, you reintroduce your radiance and reconnect with your personal power & start where you are. We are women. We are Mothers. We are born to be fearless. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. Pray more. Forgive often. Release your past. Challenge your fears. Be bold. Take Risks. Be intentional. Live fully in the present moment and through all of that adversities you overcame, you did that being a Mom first.

Thank you to my sister, and my friends who have supported me during this single motherhood journey. Who have loved me through all of my imperfections. Who have never once judged me for the decisions I’ve ever made.  Those who believe in me with this crazy idea in starting this blog.  Those that love my son unconditionally, thank you. My followers who have no idea who I am, but everyday support me, send me encouraging messages and remind me, Im Bad AF.  To my son, you are truly my biggest motivator. Im doing the best I can. Mommy loves you.

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