I created this blog for Single Moms like me. Moms who have experienced heartache with relationships, friendships, with a family member or even a stranger. For Moms who endured abuse physically & mentally in past relationships. For Moms who felt like giving up. For the Moms who made mistakes. For the imperfect Moms like me.

Im Jennie, Im a Single Mom. I have a 8 year old son & we live in the DMV.

Becoming a single mom isn’t easy for a lot of women. Its a choice we make. You’re either in a happy relationship or you’re in an unhappy relationship. No one can really determine your happiness but you. Starting over alone can feel like you hit rock bottom, you go through this dark depression of feeling alone like no ones got you. Then there is also something in you that keeps you going, that keeps waking you up every day and getting it done. If its working 40 hours or going to school. Committing your self to being a full-time Mom is a tough job, Being a Super Mom is all you know since giving birth. You truly make sacrifices, But you aren’t alone.

Being a single Mom can be rough with cooking meals and washing dishes, helping with homework, laundry and taking 5 days to fold it, making sure your 8 year doesn’t leave a dirt ring around your tub after football practice, or making V-bucks apart of your weekly budget so he can buy the next skin that drops on Fortnite… the list can go on for our kids, but who’s helping? Really, who wants to do all this shit alone. Last I checked my son is ignoring his chores while watching Youtube on his iPad and my 5 year old English Bulldog is on the couch snoring. You realize its just ONE you! Can we not drive ourselves crazy please. For the sake of our kids, we can not ignore the signs. We have to put a pause on all that we are currently doing and sit the fuck down. Breath. Slow down Momma, its okay. Whew, Something in a deep breath and telling myself its okay brings me back to earth.

We forget we are important too. Say it with me “Moms are important”. We have stories. We have a life. We are also trying to balance things like our bank account, bills, groceries, schooling, careers, businesses, maintain friendships and relationships. We have a million and one things going on and still make time to day dream about shoes and what color polish we getting next week that will make up momentarily happy. Can we also discus trying to maintain excitement in our social life. Dating hasn’t been the best experience for me. A date can be fun, then you’re left wondering when it will happen again. Schedules suck! & if you think my dating sucks, imagine your vibrators batteries dying mid orgasm. Tough fucking luck. Trying to get out the house can be hard if you are a Mom like me. Lots of Jennie has a lot going on, hence the name. So we all that we have going on, I want to be as transparent as I can be. “Bad” words will be used unapologetically, I mean well. Here we can deliver realness, clarity and raw honesty with no judgement because if you know me, you would know thats how I would like it. Here we support and encourage single diverse mothers with different walks of life. We love you and we are here for you.

This is a place where we embark in our journeys of motherhood together sharing our stories, our experiences, our truth, our resources, our opinion and turn it all into power and wisdom, lessons and blessings, being in love with who we truly are, being happy & being Mom first.

I hope when reading my blog you will be reminded of your strength, you reintroduce your radiance and reconnect with your personal power & start where you are.  You have a unique purpose to this world. Do what you love. Be Open. Be forgiving. Release your past. Challenge your fears. Be bold. Take Risks. Be intentional. Live fully in the present moment and remember always that you’re a mom first. God made you for a special purpose.

Thank you to my sister, and my friends who have supported me during this single motherhood journey. Who have loved me through all of my imperfections. Who have never once judged me for the decisions I ever made. Those who believe in me & support me with this crazy idea in starting this blog. My followers who have no idea who I am, but everyday support me, and remind me Im a Bad Ass Milf. To my son, I love you kid. & everything I do, I do for you.

Jennifer Martinez

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